by : Kenneth Echie — > — > The Probation or Parole Official plays with important roles in the criminal justice area . These fascinated in this career will have fascinating and active obligations to execute . I am discussing some of duties and those functions in this short article . Underneath are the responsibilities it is possible to look forward to performing , in case you are indeed contemplating a job as a probation or parole officer : 1. The probation officer is involved in pre – sentence investigations. The tribunals need when sentencing a convicted criminal , help . The criminal? s personality and records are significant . It’d not be fair to sentence an individual who only committed a crime to precisely the same sentence as a habitual offender for the first time . 2. Don?t let the names deceive you. In most criminal justice systems , probation or parole officials perform obligations and the same functions . In the few legal justice systems where their roles are different , the parole officer is involved after the offenders have offered some of the of their own time in jail while the officer works works together those who are given probation sentence . This probation sentence doesn’t demand serving some time in prison . Where the tribunals must be helped by the probation or parole officer , this is . She or he will investigate the wrongdoer ? s record . This can be done by speaking with friends , family , and digging into public-records . The parole or probation officer should then present their conclusions to the court to help guide the tribunal ? s sentencing . 3. The probation or parole officer is included in pre – parole inspections . Again the investigation calls for excavating into the convicted s behavior and report whilst in prison . The parole or probation officer will achieve it by talking-to warden ? s , family relations , complainants , as well as the police . 4. Parole or probation officers hold the ability to detain probationers or parolees . If your parolee or probationer breaks the terms of the parole believes it has become necessary to deliver him or her to jail they must arrest the parolee . 5. The probation officer is active in the rehab of the parolee. In this instance , the officer should assist plan the parolee ? s not ineffective reintroduction into society . This will involve helping the parolee get social skills , employment , and job training by advocating the resources that are appropriate . The parole or probation officer must track how the parolee in progressing in these resources . This means probation or parole officers may carry firearms . There are times police WOn’t be readily available while they can be guided to seek police assistance if the significance of arrest arises . Therefore a firearm might be needed in case the situation becomes dangerous . Parole or probation officers perform obligations or many functions in the justice field as you are able to see . It will be hard to cover-all the obligations and functions in this article that is brief . But I think you’ve enough information to help you make informed decision on this occupation . For the ones that are thinking about getting to the career , now’s as a good a time as ever . Notice : You are free to reprint or publish this post . The single condition is the Resource Box should be contained and also the links are links that are live . In regards to The Author Copyright Echie. Get scholarship report and learn to be a Officer at by seeing . This article was posted on July 20 , 2007