All of the transitions and changes that the years of our lives bring can create distance between ourselves and our partners. Sometimes there has been a crisis, such as an affair or the loss of a family member. Other times the couple is simply finding that they aren’t able to connect or understand each other in the ways they used to.

Relationship counseling is the process of creating dialogue and understanding around issues that couples haven’t been able to be able to make much headway with on their own. Understanding more thoroughly their own emotions as well as those of their partner is an important part of the process for the couple.

When working with couples, one of the goals is to help them find more effective ways to communicate and connect. Quite often being able to do this even a little bit better helps couples to manage their conflict in ways that are less stressful than before.

In cases where there has been a crisis, it takes time for the couple to heal, rebuild, and restore their trust. The guidance of a counselor, who can support both of the individuals, can aid this process in moving a long a bit more smoothly and assure that the couple stay on track.

After carefully assessing both the strengths and areas of potential growth of the couple, Christine uses elements from a number of different theoretical approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral, Biofeedback, and Gottman Methods.