According to human resources research, approximately 40-50% of employees sent to China by their employers do not end up completing their assignments and return home before originally planned. Some of this is probably unavoidable: projects and roles can change over time, objectives change.

However, no doubt a large portion of it is preventable. Some of the expats returning home early do so for family or personal reasons. In these cases, early intervention with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling can help expats to adjust more easily to their overseas posts. The employees become happier and more satisfied and companies can protect their investment of resources and save further costs of having to relocate an employee back home early.

Research done in the United States by the EAP Association has demonstrated a direct relationship between access to EAP services and decreased absenteeism, increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

At Balanced Heart Counseling, we are experienced in working with EAP clients and can provide this service to companies on an as needed basis.