• Counseling Increasing Productivity at Work

    Many people would agree that talking to someone about a struggle or difficulty and getting a fresh perspective on it can lighten the load quite a bit. Add to that […]

  • Finding hope for the future in Japan

    The level of hope and perserverance that human beings are able to summon in the face of disaster truly never fails to amaze me. As an example from the recent […]

  • Book Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

    Every once in a while, we read a book where the main character lingers with us for days after we finish it. Life of Pi by Yann Martel is one such work. […]

  • Repatriation: when migrants go home

    Repatriation is a word we don’t hear very often. For those of us living in Shanghai, the concept of expatriation and living away from home is ever present in our […]

  • Welcome

    Welcome to my blog about counseling in Shanghai. I’ll be posting here about news and research related to counseling and psychology, as well as links to resources and sites that […]