• EMDR: Treatment for Trauma

    Last June I became certified in the practice of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapeutic technique used in healing from traumatic memories. These memories can come from “big T” […]

  • Bright lights, big city…loud noise!

    Shanghai can be described by quite a variety of adjectives. Quiet is not one of them. This city full of people yelling, honking, tires squealing, motorbikes with broken mufflers, construction, […]

  • Giving Ourselves a Break

    Vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer. – “The Lion from “”The Wizard of Oz”” Many of us spend a lot of […]

  • Flourishing after Failure

    It takes a swamp-and-tide-flat zoologist to tell you about life; it is in this domain that the living suffer great extremes, it is here that the water-failures, driven to desperation, […]

  • Eating Disorders and Relationships

    Here’s an interesting article (passed along to me this morning by the SIMHA president) about the emotional effects of eating disorders and their recovery by an anorexia survivor: link to article here […]

  • Exploring Positive Psychology

    Each of us is on a unique path to finding fulfillment and abundance in our lives – for some the path is winding and travels up through peaks of emotions, for […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    We’ve reached the time of year where we contemplate our New Year’s Resolutions  we make promises to ourselves and possibly to our partners and friends about how we will change, how things […]

  • Homesickness

    It’s a word that certainly isn’t foreign to those of us who’ve lived abroad for a little while. Here’s a link to an interview that I did with the Shanghai Daily: […]

  • Emotional Wellness Retreat

    In October I’ll be leading an emotional wellness workshop in Moganshan at the newly opened Naked Stables: Come discover yourself and the barriers to change through a fun, reflective workshop that covers […]

  • Native American Lessons

    Recently I came across this classic story. I’m sure many of you have read it before but it’s message is one that is always worth hearing again: An old Cherokee is teaching […]