• NEW Video course just released!

    Very proud to announce the release of my first video course “7 Guidelines for Finding Balance and Being Yourself,” created in collaboration with Chinese start up HnR. This course includes […]

  • Hypnotherapy Presentation at Spinback Fitness

    Next week I’ll be speaking about hypnotherapy for relaxation at Spinback Fitness in Jiashan Lu. Click here to view details about the event. The description follows: Hypnotherapy has been used […]

  • Handling the Holiday Blues

    Holiday visits back to home country and family can be both a lot of fun and bring up a fair amount of stress. Earlier this month I was interviewed for […]

  • Defining Mental Illness

    What is mental health? And where is the line between functioning in a healthy way mentally and not being able to function like before? For a clear, illustrated answer to […]

  • New service addition: Hypnotherapy

    I am excited to announce that this winter I became certified in hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis through the Academy for Professional Hypnosis in the US. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and […]

  • Positive Psychology – Fall Term

    I’m very excited to be teaching Positive Psychology once more at the Expat Learning Center: last spring’s course was a really great experience. From the student feedback at the end, […]

  • Seeking Counseling

    Life in Shanghai can be overwhelming. Work. Family. Relationships. Adjusting in a new city or coping in one lived in for years. Travel. Stress. It’s no wonder we can find […]

  • What do Facebook profiles really say?

    What do Facebook profiles really say? Have you ever noticed how some friends post a string a complaints, rants or frustrations to their Facebook wall, while others will only post […]

  • Blog for American Counseling Association

    Recently, I began writing a blog for the American Counseling Association (ACA) about my work in Shanghai as a counselor to the international community. My first post, an introduction to […]

  • The Curiosity of Boredom

    Many of us would do just about anything to avoid being bored. Certainly in Shanghai, you don’t have to look too far to find someone who has fled all the […]