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Life in Shanghai can be overwhelming. Work. Family. Relationships. Adjusting in a new city or coping in one lived in for years. Travel. Stress. It’s no wonder we can find […]


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  • Coping during the coronavirus health crisis

    Coping during the coronavirus health crisis

    Recently I had the privilege of writing an article for the International Therapist Directory about coming to terms with the uncertainty created by the coronavirus public health crisis. The ITD […]

  • Adjustment Mindset: Channeling Your Challenges into Growth

    Recently I’ve been reading more about the concept of growth mindset vs. fixed mindset as researched by Carol Dweck at Stanford. It isn’t a particularly new idea; she originally wrote […]

  • NEW Video course just released!

    Very proud to announce the release of my first video course “7 Guidelines for Finding Balance and Being Yourself,” created in collaboration with Chinese start up HnR. This course includes […]



  • J. L. United States

    When I first started seeing Christine for counseling, I was having some problems at work. It’s hard for me to admit but I was feeling totally overwhelmed, which made it even harder for me to figure out where to turn for help. Going to see Christine really helped me to get things sorted out so that now I feel much more confident not only at work but about life in general.

  • R. A.

    I encountered some personal issues while living in Shanghai and decided to visit Christine.  I found a reliable, professional and talented psychological counselor. Christine helped me get through all my issues patiently and steadily, and step by step my situation gradually improved. Using her skilled techniques I managed to overcome the troubles I encountered and more important is that Christine supplied me with the necessary “tools” to deal with those issues if will happen in future.

  • G.R., United States

    After about eight months in Shanghai I had thought I would be adjusted to life here but I wasn’t. Instead of things getting easier, it felt like they were getting more difficult – most likely due to the pressure building at work. Christine really helped me to get some insights into what was going on and learn how to cope with it differently.